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When energy flows,
life flourishes...  

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Modern Stress Solutions for Life!

Welcome! This is where you will learn wonderfully simple and profound techniques that remove blockages to success, health, and happiness. Modern Stress Solutions will enable you to be energized so that you have the power and inspiration you need to live a life of freedom and personal fulfillment. These methods  will allow you to experience your own true sense of health and well-being.

Modern Stress Solutions can be applied to many of life’s challenges. Whether you are troubled with day to day stress or chronic stress, utilizing these techniques often provide immediate and long term relief.  

In addition to teaching you how to apply these powerful tools, I hold a safe, gentle and nurturing space to enable you to heal from energy body injuries that show up as extreme energy body stress.

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As a Modern Stress Solutions professional, I employ a variety of effective methods to help you identify your core issues that keep you depressed, anxious, stuck, not feeling good enough. Listening to the wisdom of your body, we go to the root of the problem. I guide you to release limiting beliefs, unwanted habits and behaviors that no longer serve you and support you in accessing your own healing abilities so you can live your best version of you and experience freedom and well-being.

Trainings & Events

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My passion and my offerings are inspired by my personal healing journey. 


Hi, I'm Maria! 

I am a Modern Stress Management Professional & Modern Energy Master Practitioner, supporting clients to overcome:

  • Weight & body image struggles

  • Addictive behaviors

  • Chronic stress & anxiety

  • Blockages to success, health, and happiness in all areas of life.

My own struggles with addictive behaviors, especially around food and related weight and negative body image have led me to this work.  Modern Energy techniques, have had an astonishing impact towards my achieving emotional equilibrium and triumph over chronic problems. This personal growth inspired me to study a variety of  Modern Energy Techniques in depth.


From my personal and professional background, I bring an informed, focused, gentle, empathetic, and often intuitive understanding of the pain and struggle of clients. I teach heart-centered stress management techniques and practical steps that empower people to prevail over stress, overwhelm and struggle.


I feel grateful to be able to help my clients access their own inner strength and innate wisdom.  They overcome problems and move forward in the creation of their more happy, fulfilling and purposeful lives.  


I am passionate about my calling, and grateful for the opportunity to meet and work with some of the most amazing people. 

Maria LiPuma:

  • EFT Master Practitioner

  • Modern Energy Tapping Pro

  • Clinical EFT Levels 1 & 2

  • Matrix Reimprinting

  • EMO Master 

  • Modern Stress Management Facilitator 

  • Energy Coach Pro

  • GoE Trainer

  • PSYCH-K Facilitator

  • Mindfulness Practitioner

  • Ho'oponopono Practitioner

  • Eating Disorder & Addictive Behaviors 

  • Food Psychology Coach

Maria's work has gone deeper than I thought possible and transformed my inner and outer worlds for the better. She helped me to see thought patterns that held me back from my true happy and healthy self. Her work allowed me to see the unconscious thoughts I was telling myself. Once I became aware of these patterns and was given the tools to transform them I broke the negative cycle I've been in for years.      ~ Lyndsay Rose, Colorado
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