Tapping Your Way to Success!

The following study addresses how the application of EFT has shown success in reducing anxiety and improving communication skills in social

The SUE Scale: A Great Tool For Life

I just got off of the telephone with my sister, Anne! She told me that yesterday she and her almost 8 year old adopted son, Dustin had a fun filled day at the park. Dustin made a new friend and it was love at first sight. The kids enjoyed their time together playing and as the day went on Anne eventually met Dustin’s friend’s dad. The parents exchanged contact information and agreed to meet at the park from time to time and allow the children to play together. As Dustin and Anne were leaving the park, he exclaimed “this was a +10 day!” He asked his mom how her day was. She said it was about +7. Even though she enjoyed watching Dustin and his new friend playing and meeting his friend's dad, s

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