Emotional Freedom Techniques & Breathing Awareness to Reduce Childbirth Fear

Emotional freedom techniques and breathing awareness to reduce childbirth fear: A randomized controlled study. This research was presented and received the fourth prize in oral presentation at I. International and II. National Women's Health Nursing Congress in Istanbul, Turkey. Highlights * Breathing awareness has a rapid effect on reducing the fear of birth; emotional freedom techniques have a lasting effect. Thus, the adaptation of the pregnant women to the contractions is ensured, so she can cope with the uterine contraction pain. * Emotional freedom techniques and breathing awareness are the easiest techniques to apply and are, thus, preferred during labour to reduce the fear of birth.

Tapping to Overcome Resistance

When we make excuses, procrastinate and avoid doing something we are demonstrating resistance. If you are avoiding and resisting taking action(s), the next step or even the first step towards an objective you would like to pursue then watch this video and tap along with me. It will enable you to release resistance and move forward in your life with more confidence and freedom.

EFT Can End the Fear of Flying!

EFT in the news again! How THIS technique can end a fear of flying - with the Duchess of Cornwall a fan... "FEAR OF flying can ruin a trip when it comes to flying long-haul, yet a new technique that even the Duchess of Cornwall employs could end it once and for all." Read the article Here: Fear of Flying, Duchess of Cornwall Although there are many aspects that often need to be addressed and cleared when applying EFT to overcome the fear of flying, there are in deed many people who have used this technique to overcome their fear of flying. In this video Whoopi Goldberg tells The View how she enrolled in Sir Richard Branson's "Flying Without Fear" program to conquer her fear of flying. Thi

Are Food Cravings & Emotional Eating Sabotaging Your Weight?

Understand the Role of Stress and Eliminate it... Stress is a biological response experienced on encountering a perceived threat. The body releases hormones, predominantly cortisol and adrenaline, which help prepare it to take action, for example by increasing the heart and speeding up breathing. Many factors can trigger this Fight-or-Flight response, including dangerous situations and psychological pressures, such as work deadlines, exams, and sporting events. This readiness to expend extra energy ideally passes quickly; however, some people find themselves in a nearly constant state of heightened alertness. This is chronic stress, which can be caused by high-pressure jobs, financial diffi

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