Tips & Tapping to Avoid Stress Eating During Times of Uncertainty and Intensity

Tap Along with Me ✨How to Avoid Stress Eating During this Time of Uncertainty & Intensity✨ I know some of us are dealing with much stress as we adjust and respond to the current affairs .... If you struggle with your relationship to food, that may be amplified during this time. Stress eating is a challenge many of us have experienced! I’m happy to share some tips and tapping with you to help you through this time.... Get my free eBook, Three Essential Practices to Overcome Emotional Eating: Tap along with me

Modern Energy Tapping Circle

Do you practice Tapping on your own and want to join a tapping circle for even better results? Or are you curious to learn and experience an amazing technique that is changing people's lives? Modern Energy Tapping (MET) is a simple technique for releasing emotional blocks, stopping cravings and reducing stress. If you don't currently practice it, you can learn. MET can be even more effective with the focused energies of a group. Join me in using the highly effective Modern Energy Tapping in a group setting with like-minded people in a safe environment with a friendly group. 'Maria is a warm, gentle, accepting lady, who has led and supported many of us in Tapping Circle sessions. With her inf

Modern Energy Tapping to Release Fear

Tap Along with Me Is fear keeping you stuck and unable to take actions that support the best version of yourself? Fear often shows up as self sabotage and procrastination. It is a stress response and our natural inclination to push harder to move towards our desired destination creates even more stress, resistance and inability to move forward. In order to get beyond the fear you want to embrace, evolve and let it go. In this video I show you how to apply meridian tapping to release fear, so you can move into change with more ease and get on with your life. Tap Along with Me!

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