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Energy EFT Certification,

with AMT Guild of Energist Trainer Maria LiPuma

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Energy EFT Certification

3 Day Training & Additional Practice Day

This professional EFT Master Practitioner training certification course teaches energy awareness in addition to the most up to date and comprehensive methods, techniques and structures for mastery in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Participants learn emotions are a result of an event in the energy system; there is a world of energy data which can be understood, and knowledge of that data allows us to understand the links between cause and effect.

This course is great for those wanting to use EFT in their counseling, coaching, and healing practices; those who want to know how to go about helping their loved ones, and individuals who simply want to know more about how to use EFT effectively.

Upon successful completion of the course, individuals will be certified through The Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies / Guild of Energists.

Pre Requisite Course: Energy EFT Foundation Day

The GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course Is Recommended For:

Existing EFT practitioners wishing to update to the latest developments, techniques and methods in the field; Individuals who wish to become Professional EFT Master Practitioners; GoE trainers who would like to teach next-generation EFT; Professional healers and therapists wishing to add modern EFT to their tool box of techniques;

Those who love EFT are excited about its practice and potential and wish to take EFT to the next level.

Featuring many paradigm shifting approaches, techniques and brand new methodology, the GoE EFT Master Practitioner is information rich, exciting and engaging, bringing the promise and spirit of EFT to life in whole new way.

This course also includes many opportunities for the student to work with their own energy reversals using new techniques, new protocols and new exercises. EFT Master Practitioners walk their talk!

The EFT Master Practitioner Training is divided into the following 12 units:

1. Discovering EFT
- How EFT works and explaining it clearly
- Understanding the concept of "life beyond Zero" with the new Energy EFT
- Using the EFT protocol skillfully and the ethical promise to prospective EFT clients.

2. Energy Body Stress
- Treating energy blockages with EFT
- Building a stress-free path to the problem
- Understanding the importance of breathing, movement and feedback

3. The EFT Story
- The EFT story protocol
- Using the right words for setting up
- Marking out set-up phrases from the client's story

4. The Professional EFT Practitioner
- Understanding the main concepts involved in being a professional EFT Practitioner
- Understanding the concept of taking responsibility for the Clients well-being
- Leading an EFT session

5. Extremely Focused Treatments
- Focusing EFT on memories and events
- Understanding the concept of energy body memories
- Using the EFT body protocol

6. Working with Aspects
- Explaining the aspect model to the client
- How to use EFT for proxy tapping
- How to use the aspects model in future success work

7. Emotions and Energy
- Understanding the connection between emotions and the energy system
- Guiding the client to discover the emotion behind the problem
- Understanding pain progression

8. Events
- Understanding body events and events' echoes
- Working with guiding stars and apparent positive events
- Guiding a client to an event using forensic EFT
- Understanding the concept of the Healing event as an event


9. Mind Changes
- Understanding how beliefs are formed
- Using EFT to clear limiting beliefs
- Understanding how to work with word formation
- Installing positive beliefs with EFT

10. Energetic Relationships
- Understanding the concept of energetic entities
- EFT for improving relationships
- Working with groups with EFT

11. Autogenic Reality
- Understanding the concept of the autogenic mind - the meeting of the conscious mind and the energy mind.
- Creating a stable autogenic habitat using the classic game
- Using EFT with metaphor

12. The EFT Master Practitioner
- Understanding the best client relationship
- The EFT Master Practitioner core skills review
- Developing intuition

This course gives you the tools and techniques that you need to be the best Master Practitioner that you can be...

"A Master Practitioner of EFT is someone who engages completely with their client - this one client before them and no other - and fully understands that loving the client the best that you can ... is the greatest gift of all" - Silvia Hartmann 2012

Course Requirements

  • Attendance at GoE Energy Foundation Day

  • Students must have a sincere interest in becoming a professional Energy EFT Master Practitioner


One Training - One Entire Year of Benefits!

Upon completion you'll be awarded your Energy EFT Master Practitioner Certification by your trainer. You'll also be awarded one year of AMT Professional Membership, gaining you many amazing benefits including (Including a free website!):
Active AMT Members-Only Support Group - Talk to other members online, arrange swap sessions, ask questions and contribute to the members only group Quarterly Magazine "The Energist" - Keep up-to-date with the latest news and articles in this wonderful member-only full-color magazine delivered to your door Weekly Energy Downloads - Includes video and audio presentations for further learning Member Files & Documents - download high-quality tapping protocols, slide shows and diagrams in many languages

Note: If you're already an active AMT Member, you'll receive the following membership extension on completion of the course:
Standard - One Year. Professional: Six Months, Trainer: Three Months.

This Modern Energy Tapping Professional course includes the pre requisite Modern Energy Foundation 1- Day  Course 

Registration for this course closes on August 31, 2019

Course fees: $879 for 1-Day MET Foundation, 3 days training & 1 additional practice day (5 full days of training in all), training manual and GoE 1.5 year professional membership membership. 

Early Bird Discount: $799, Register and pay by August 10, 2019

For availability and registration Click Here  

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