Modern Energy Tapping (MET)


Here are the steps that will guide you through the tapping points for the Modern Energy Tapping treatment:

Modern Energy Tapping is about finding energy solutions!

There is only energy and the absence of energy. Negative emotions are the absence of energy.

Modern Energy Tapping stimulates the energy system by giving it attention and energy. 

Modern Energy Tapping uses positive energy to heal and evolve the energy system.

The positives are aspects of love. The energy body only heals through love. 

When you apply Modern Energy Tapping you are improving the flow of energy through the energy body. As the flow of energy increases the better you feel. As you continue to evolve the flow of energy you feel even better and better! 

With Modern Energy Tapping we start with the positives.

The Tapping Protocol

Tune in by focusing your intention: Think about what you specifically want to release, soothe or change.


Once you identify the problem ask, "What positive would solve this problem?"

If you are too stressed and overwhelmed or the problem is so old that you cannot think of a positive and it would take a miracle to move this along. Begin with tapping on "miracle". If this feels like too much simply tap on "energy".

The Set Up: I want a "miracle"

Tap the MET Round: Gently tap or massage the points in the sequence beginning with the Heart Healing Position, through the points and ending with hands to the Heart. Stating the set up statement or a shortened version of it: "miracle".

Once you have completed the sequence check in and notice how you are feeling and if anything has changed.

Congratulations you have just completed your first round of Modern Energy Tapping!

Here are the tapping points:
The Steps:
Identify the problem and apply the first positive set up.

Place the palms of your hands, one over the other, on your heart. Take three deep breaths, in and out. This is called the Healing Heart Posture. Identify the first positive (see the chart of positives below) that will move this problem along. With hands on the heart say: I want ________. Is this true? The more you want it the more powerful the treatment. 

Continue through the sequence tapping and breathing.

Continue to say the set up statement, the first positive or a shortened version and gently begin tapping, touching or massaging the top of the head. Take a deep breath in and out.

Move on to the next tapping point, the Third Eye point and again tap, touch or massage. Take a deep breath in and out.

Continue tapping and breathing the rest of the points one at a time:

Top of the Eyebrow

Corner of the Eye

Under Eye

Under Nose

Under Mouth

Under Collarbone


Index Finger

Middle Finger

Ring Finger

Little Finger

Side of the Hand

Come back to the Heart Healing Posture for a moment. Take three deep breaths, in and out.

You may notice that some of the points will feel differently when you tap them, and you may observe a shift or release occur with one or more points, depending on the problem and the application of the technique at the time.

After you finished tapping on the Side of the Hand, return to the Heart Healing posture and take three deep breaths, in and out, to finish your round of MET.

Subjective Units of Experience (SUE) Scale

Before you begin the treatment round, identify your level of distress and put a number on it. Use the SUE scale to determine where you are. The negative numbers on the scale measure emotional and physical distress, discomfort and dis-ease.

Go through a round with the first positive.

Now tune in and notice if the level of distress/discomfort has changed. Then choose the next positive to continue to evolve the problem. Once the number on the SUE scale has increased and is around the zero point continue to tap on the next positive to feel alive and happy.

Sometimes, the energy can go from the negative to the positive side of the scale in a single round of MET. More often though, you start with -7 or -5, and after a round of tapping, the severity is reduced to a -2 or a -1. 


Continue tapping on the positive energy until you reach a high positive on the SUE scale. This is where the threshold shift will occur.

Choose a Positive

​The MET Set Up

Now take a moment to think about a problem that you have, a pain, a fear, or an illness, something that makes you feel distressed when you think about it, generally any negative emotion you would like to release. Notice how it feels in your body. Review the chart of positive energies and choose the first positive that will move the problem along.

​Say: I want _____. The more honest, direct and truthful you can be, the more profound a change you will experience. This is your set up statement.

​For the opening statement, use the following routine: Put both hands in the center of your chest in the Heart Healing position. Take a deep breath and state the MET Set Up; I want _____  aloud. Take three deep breaths in and out.

​The MET Round

Following the Set Up, tap all the points, starting from the Top of the Head, tapping down the body and ending up with the Side of the Hand. As you tap each point, repeat the set up statement or a shortened reminder statement.

For example, if your set up statement is, "I want a miracle" the reminder phrase could be "miracle", “more miracle” or “even more miracle”.

After you have finished tapping on the Side of the Hand, return to the Heart Healing posture and take three deep breaths, in and out. You have completed one round of MET.

Further EFT Treatment Rounds

After each round of tapping on positive energy stop and check where you are on the SUE scale. Continue tapping on the positive until your energy is measuring in the high positive. You can continue to tap on the same positive or choose a new one. As the flow of energy increases your energy mind will be clearer and it will know the next positive that is needed to release this problem and feel energized and happy. 

When you're up to a rating of zero on the SUE scale, continue tapping to get onto the positive side of the scale, where the good and empowering emotions are found and you have overcome the problem.

Tap to Improve the Flow

Let your feelings be the guide.

You will feel it in your body when the energy flow begins to improve.

It is important to not just "tap the bad feelings away" but to continue tapping more rounds until you feel energized and happy.

Once you feel the distress/discomfort or the problem has gone, continue to apply energy forms you want and tap on those. Tap a round of “more energy”, “positive energy” or love, confidence, joy, strength, power, or health. Think about what energy you want more of and tap. You may want to stand up and move to encourage the energy flow. Continue to tap until you really feel energy moving through your body.

Modern Energy Tapping (MET) can be applied to many areas.

Try it on:

• health problems

• relationship problems

• stress, overwhelm, worry

• anxiety, nervousness

• fears, phobias, self esteem

• unhappiness, resentfulness, lack of social skills

• sadness, depression, lack of joy in life

• pain, discomfort, disturbance, disease

• sad memories, bad memories


(EFT by Gary Craig 1996, Energy EFT and the EFT Heart & Soul Protocol by Silvia Hartmann/The AMT 2011, Modern Energy Tapping by Silvia Hartmann, GoE 2017)

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