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EMO, Energy in Motion

Recent developments in the field of energy psychology have given us a new model for understanding emotions. Our emotions are a result of our human response to life experiences. We now understand that emotions are a direct feedback response of the state of the body’s subtle energy system.

Emotions are Energy in Motion

As we respond to life, what people say and do to us and what we experience is all energy being processed in our energy body, also known as our spiritual body.

When energy is flowing in, out and through of our energy system we positive emotions of acceptance, understanding, clarity, peace, happiness, compassion, joy and love, we can let go with ease, we have energy available for life and life flows.

When we aren’t able to handle life with grace and ease, sometimes because we have too much to handle or we are experiencing loss or a trauma, or we simply can’t let go, these energies build up in our energy system causing a disturbance or blockage. Our energy has stopped flowing. This energy blockage is now known to be the actual cause of our negative emotions: anger, guilt, pain, hurt, fear, anxiety, sadness, and loss, worry accompanied by a physical sensation, pressure or pain in the chest, head, stomach etc. This physical sensation shows us the location of the blocked energy.

Energy in Motion, EMO

EMO, developed by Silvia Hartmann has its roots in EmoTrance that was founded in 2002. EMO gives us a simple way of gently releasing the pressure and allowing the energy build up to flow through the body and to release, therefore restoring even flow and in the process releasing emotional intensity.

How to Apply EMO

With EMO we simply ask ‘where do you feel this in your body?’ and then we use our attention and intention to soften the energy. As it softens it starts to spread and flow through the body gently releasing. Once the energy is released and energy flow restored our positive emotions are restored.

EMO is simple and natural everyone can do it!

It’s a very simple and natural process and can be used on its own or integrated into other therapies. You can also do EMO anywhere; it’s just like having a conversation with someone. People of all ages can benefit. It works great with children who often can feel the discomfort in the body but aren’t able to verbally express their emotions.

When we release a problem with EMO it is not necessary to get into the details or “story”. We just focus our attention on the physical sensation with the intention of helping it to flow. This can be a great benefit when working with painful memories. EMO offers real healing that works, based on immediate feedback from yourself or the person in front of you.

Living Our True Potential

EMO is not limited to healing old injuries with simplicity and elegance; it has the potential to give us so much more. It can take us beyond the hurt and pain to new experiences of happiness and well-being.

Our energy body or spirit has a blueprint for health just as our physical and emotional bodies have. This template is our true potential for how we can experience life in its richness and fullness with all the joy, happiness and success that goes with it. The reason many of us are not living this blueprint is because of past energy body injuries/blockages from how we reacted to life in the past and the lack of the essential nourishment that our spirit person needs for health.

EMO moves us closer towards our state of Perfect Even Flow of our template, to our potential as a human being, to our birthright for real love happiness health and success.

EMO Basic Steps

When we have an emotional problem or feel stressed we simply pay attention:

  • We ask: Where do I feel this in my body?

  • We remind ourselves: it’s only energy.

  • We use our intention to soften the energy: We think ‘it’s softening’ until its soft enough to flow.

  • We follow the energy as it softens, spreads and flows through the body until it finds a way out.

  • We encourage the flow with deep breathing.

  • We can move our body or use our healing hands to assist energy to soften and flow.

  • We test by returning to the original problem and keep repeating until our energy is flowing and we feel good.

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