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EMO: Energy in Motion Master

with AMT Guild of Energist Trainer Maria LiPuma

Online Training

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EMO Energy in Motion

A Professional Energy Course for

Healing the Past, Empowering the Present, Creating Your Future

and Living with Energy Flow and Awareness Every Day

This is the new evolved 3-day EMO Master Practitioner training created by Silvia Hartmann, presented to you by International Master Energist Trainer Maria LiPuma. This training, Energy in MOtion, named EMO in short, is a dream course for all energy and love explorers.

EMO Energy in Motion Trainings are really special events. The course leads us all gently beautifully and logically through the basics of energy, through to emotions and the energy flow of love. Its experiential. We feel love through our human connections from the very first session and all through the course. We learn to use intention to heal blocked emotions, to heal past events in our lives, to evolve.


We become acquainted in our 6th sense and use our energy mind in the joy of creativity, reading and writing energy. EMO is for living with energy on a day to day basis, and for deeper connection and love with our world and ourselves.

How Does EMO Work? When challenged or feeling blocked emotions we ask 'Where do I feel this in my body?' and we use intention and bring energy to soften and assist this energy to flow again, from blockage through to energized flow states of love and enlightenment, transforming as we learn and grow. EMO is so simple and natural. Anyone can do it and it feels GREAT!

Whether you are interested in healing, emotional mastery, creativity or just spiritual living EMO a real gift and for many, its one of the most important learnings and steps in their spiritual path.

For professionals and for personal evolution... 'Soften and Flow ....

To learn more about EMO, Energy in Motion GO Here

REQUIRED Reading: EMO by Silvia Hartmann

For more information Contact Maria

What will you learn?

~ Meet The Energist

~ Modern Energy Healing

~ Powerful Energy Healing

~ Healing Energies

~The Events Matrix

~ How to Love Yourself & Others

~ Energy Objects & Artefacts

~ Energy Relationships 

~ Energy and The Body

~ Art Solutions


~ Love and Light

What’s included?
~ 3 days of training
~ Full color manual (to keep)
~ Weekly Energy Downloads
~ 1 year professional membership to the Guild of Energists/AMT
~ Access to private Facebook groups  


Read Silvia Hartmann's book, EMO: Energy in Motion

Watch this video where Silvia Hartmann reviews the new EMO manual.

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