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Meridian Tapping Basics and Beyond

                                  ~ Live Virtual Experiential Course

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Meridian Tapping Basics and Beyond with Maria LiPuma, Master Practitioner and Trainer 

Live Virtual Experiential Course

Upcoming course dates and times TBA 

For more Information and Registration

Call: 541-201-8787 or



This Comprehensive Course is Appropriate for Brand New and

Experienced Tappers.

Enhance Your Personal Development & Learn How to Effectively Apply Meridian Tapping to Remove Blockages to Success, Health and Happiness.

Learn evidence-based techniques that are empowering people to change their lives.


Tapping has proven beneficial success with:

  • Health Problems

  • Addictions & Weight Issues

  • Relationship Challenges

  • Stress, Overwhelm, Worry

  • Anxiety, Nervousness

  • Fears, Phobias, Self Esteem

  • Unhappiness & Lack of Joy

  • Sadness, Grief, Depression

  • Allergies

  • Pain & Discomfort

  • Sad Memories & Bad Memories

  • ... and just about anything and everything you can perceive and focus your attention on.

Course Topics
~ Theory and History of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Energy EFT (EEFT)& Modern Energy Tapping (MET) 
~ The Basic Tapping Points, Additional Points and Specialized Applications
~ How to Measure Progress and Address Blocks to Progress

~ Understanding and Application of Six Distinct Protocols

~ Hands on Demonstrations of the Techniques

~ Plenty of Opportunities to Address Your Specific Challenges

~ Including an Introduction to Matrix Reimprinting & Psych-K: Whole Brain Integration  

Call: 541-201-8787 or



 “My training with Maria LiPuma was a fantastic experience. Maria brings experience, enthusiasm, compassion and intuition to her practice and her trainings.  She facilitates connections between those in her trainings to create an immediate support network. She was a tremendous help to me in explaining, expanding on, and demonstrating course material concepts.” 

                                                                                   ~ Patricia Latham, Medford, OR

I could write about the depth of my experiences with Maria and the training…. for several days and not even come close to the roots of this experience and what it meant (means) to me. Maria’s calm presence and gentle guidance is so incredibly valuable. I was so moved by her level of understanding and ability to tap into what we needed as a group. Maria, I love you, you are amazing!  

                                                                               ~ Alexandra Wilson-Ali, Medford, OR 


"Maria’s passion for communicating EFT is so evident and contagious. She is a delightful teacher and creates connections in which most people experience compelling results".                             

                                                                                   ~ Richard Mankinen, Medford, OR

"This was a very enlightening day for me. I have lots of ideas of things I can do to move forward. I admire Maria’s ability to express and demonstrate EFT! Thank you!"                                                                                              ~ Cathy McKiblin, Ashland, OR

"I feel empowered, stronger and self-confident. I had a peaceful experience and learn more about myself every time I tap with Maria!"

                                                                                  ~ Krysten Ricks, Grants Pass, OR

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