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Modern Energy Tapping (MET)

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Modern Energy Tapping Will Empower You to Overcome Challenges and Live Your life with a Lot More Freedom, Health & Well Being! 
Modern Energy Tapping (MET) was created by Silvia Hartmann and is perfect for you if you would like to learn the energy tapping system to go from problems to solutions in a broad range of applications.
Like its predecessors Classic EFT and then Energy EFT, MET teaches you skills about gaining emotional freedom from negative or low energy states. However, this updated and elegant method is also applicable for creating high-energy states suitable for goal setting, inspiration, creativity and more.
Learn more about Classic EFT & Energy EFT HERE
Modern Energy Tapping is easy to learn and can be applied to improving all aspects of your life.
Many tens of thousands have and continue to benefit from Energy EFT. People who have overcome fears, anxiety, phobias and low energy states have been able to achieve well-being, peace and freedom in a wide array of areas in their lives. Indeed, the protocol invites and encourages people to keep going, raising energy and pushing boundaries to experience high levels of positive energy and going beyond what they even imagined possible.
Modern Energy Tapping is the next level up and a true evolution beyond Energy EFT.  
These techniques work by releasing blockages in the energy system which are the source of emotional intensity and discomfort. In addition to challenging us emotionally, these blockages in our energy system often lead to limiting beliefs and behaviors and an inability to live happy and harmonious lives.
Dr. Silvia Hartman has taken Classic EFT to the next level with the creation of Energy EFT and most recently Modern Energy Tapping (MET). Whereas Classic EFT focused on neutralizing negative emotional intensity and discomfort, Energy EFT & MET supports you to evolve your emotions: once the negative emotions are neutralized they are then transformed into positive emotions.
With Modern Energy Tapping you tap or touch lightly, balancing and energizing your energy system, clearing blockages as you go. The focus is on increasing the flow of energy through the system. As your energy flow increases you begin to feel more positive and energized. The new MET has now shown to be an accelerated way to aid you to move beyond your problems and into solutions.
If you want to learn how Modern Energy Tapping can help you overcome your challenges and begin living your life with more
health & well being contact me for a free consultation:, 541-201-8787
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