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Modern Energy Tapping Professional

with AMT Guild of Energist Trainer Maria LiPuma

Modern Energy Tapping Professional & 1 Practice Day

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I am so excited to offer this amazing new course!

The GoE Modern Energy Tapping Professional is an elegant and profound training!

The follow is an excerpt from an article written by Silvia Hartmann, the creator of the course:

“Modern Energy Tapping Professional (MET Pro) is the next level up and a true evolution beyond Energy EFT Master Practitioner. We’ve put all our experience, heart & soul into designing MET Pro from the ground up to be your go to Modern Energy tapping technique.”

This course is great for those wanting to use MET in their counseling, coaching, and healing practices; those who want to know how to go about helping their loved ones, and individuals who simply want to know more about how to use MET effectively.
Upon successful completion of the course, individuals will be certified through The Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies / Guild of Energists.

What will you learn?
~ The Gift of Modern Energy

~ The Power of The Positives

~ Future Orientation

~ The Treatment Flow 

~ The Story Protocol

~ The EMO Energy Body Protocol

~ The Energy Matrix

~ Miracles of Healing 

~ Energy Relationships

~ SuperMind Solutions

~ Advanced Energy Tapping

~ The New Beginning

What’s included?
~ 5 days of training & practice
~ Full color manual (to keep)
~ Weekly Energy Downloads
~ 1 year professional membership to the Guild of Energists/AMT
~ Access to private Facebook groups  

Learn more: Modern Energy Tapping Professional 


Completion of Modern Energy Foundation Day Training

This Modern Energy Tapping Professional course includes Modern Energy Tapping Professional 3 Day Course & 1 Additional Practice Day. 

Upcoming Training Dates and Times TBA

For availability and registration Click Here and Contact me. 

Why I ❤ Modern Energy Tapping Professional - Maria LiPuma


I am so pleased to have taken the Modern Energy Tapping Training from Maria LiPuma.   She is so knowledgeable and an excellent trainer. I have a therapy practice where I use both hypnosis and tapping (EFT), and I have found that using both modalities gets great results, and I have used this new training with several of my clients. They found it easy to use, gentle, and they loved the positive focus.  As a practitioner I think this way of Tapping will truly help clients get the results they want.  Even if someone isn’t a therapist, this training is excellent to help them improve their lives.  ~  Nancy Walsch CHT, Ashland, OR 

My training with Maria LiPuma was a fantastic experience. Maria brings experience, enthusiasm, compassion and intuition to her practice and her trainings.  She facilitates connections between those in her trainings to create an immediate support network.  She was a tremendous help to me in explaining, expanding on, and demonstrating course material concepts.


What I find so amazing about Energy EFT compared to other therapies, is the "Stress Free Path into the Problem" and the way clients can feel enormous relief with minimal discomfort.  At a much deeper level than ever before, I believe that "better energy flow through the energy body will take care of the words and the problems automatically."


I did the training, primarily, to deepen my own understanding of energy EFT and support my personal work, but now feel determined to use it to help others.  I do not feel I can "fix" anyone, but can, indeed, be a guide and support to someone on their own path.  I like the ethical position stressed throughout the materials, the fact that the client and practitioner form a "team working together to solve a problem in the energy system", and that "love is the ultimate healing."


Thank you!

~ Patricia Latham, Talent, Oregon

I could write about the depth of my experiences with Maria and the other women in the Energy EFT Master Practitioner training for several days and not even come close to the roots of this experience and what it meant (means) to me. Maria’s calm presence and gentle guidance is so incredibly valuable. I was so moved by her level of understanding and ability to tap into what we needed as a group. Maria, I love you, you are amazing!

~ Alexandra Wilson-Ali, Medford, OR       

The Master Practitioner training given by Maria was so intimate and fulfilling. I came away from our days together feeling knowledgeable but more than that , affirmed in my ability to encourage the flow of energy in myself and in the client. There was enough time for deep understanding and all my questions. I enjoyed the spaciousness in an added day. There is so much “hurry” in the world. ~ Maria B., Phoenix, Oregon

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