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Modern Stress Management Foundation

Personal Coaching Program

30 Days to Transform Your Stress into Experiences of Personal Growth, Peace and Success!

This thirty day coaching program will give you the support and effective self-help techniques to return you to clarity, relaxation and well-being, so you can get on better in your life and your work. You will receive stress awareness together with a detailed personalized stress assessment and effective techniques to release stress and step into your life with more freedom, health and happiness.


These are the first steps to taking back control of your emotions and your life.


This Program Will Bring You:

~ Less stress ~ More energy

~ Stress awareness ~ Detailed personal stress assessment

~ Take home skills for stress management ~ A way forward to further empower your life

Module 1: Personal Stress Assessment

Stress Awareness and Symptoms

It's All About Your Energy Flow

Your Detailed Personal Stress Assessment


Module 2: Improving Your Energy

Techniques that Work to Release Stress

Techniques that Work for Positivity and Improving Energy Flow

Heart Centered Stress Management

Positive EFT

Positive Energy Antidotes

Take a Mini Holiday in your Mind


Module 3: Spheres of Influence

Is it all your own stress?

Relationship bubbles

YES Language to raise other people's energy

Building good relationships

The Energy of Leadership

Empowerment and Mastermind Groups


Module 4: Energizing Your Future

Goal Setting to State

Setting a Personal Goal

Raising Energy for Taking Action

From Stress to Success


The MSM Foundation Personal Coaching Program Includes:

~ One 90 minute & three 60 minute in person, Zoom or telephone sessions.

~ One 60 minute follow up in person, Zoom or telephone session.

~ Between session email support. 

~ Essential support materials to reinforce skills, refer to, and share with your friends, family and colleagues. 

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