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Modern Energy Tapping Circle

2nd & 4th Thursday Evenings of Each Month 

7 PM - 8:30 PM PST


Do you practice Tapping on your own and want to join a circle for even better results?

MET is a simple technique for releasing emotional blocks, stopping cravings and reducing stress. If you don't currently practice it, you can learn. MET can be even more effective with the focused energies of a group.

Join me in using the highly effective Modern Energy Tapping in a group setting with like-minded people in a safe environment with a friendly group.

If you are new to tapping you will learn the basics to clear negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs.

If you are already experienced in Tapping then this will provide not only a space to support your efforts but motivation to tap on a regular basis as well as learning and sharing new and effective ways to apply Tapping.

What is Modern Energy Tapping (MET)?

​Like its predecessors Classic EFT and then Energy EFT, MET teaches you skills about gaining emotional freedom from negative or low energy states. However, this updated and elegant method is also applicable for creating high-energy states suitable for goal setting, inspiration, creativity and more.

Modern Energy Tapping is easy to learn and can be applied to improving all aspects of your life.


Why join us?

  • Build a strong foundation in EFT

  • Meet with like-minded people

  • Motivation to Tap

  • Guidance and support from experienced tappers

  • Learn new ways to apply tapping

  • Affordable & accessible


Space is limited so email or call me to reserve your spot. 541-201-8787

Modern Energy Tapping Circle

 with AMT Guild of Energist Trainer Maria LiPuma

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