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Modern Energy Tapping E-Book by Silvia Hartmann

Unlock the Power of the Positives for your personal development and of those you love with…
Modern Energy Tapping
Simple, logical, delightful and entirely empowering for beginners and experts alike.
  • Full, in depth instructions how to do Modern Energy Tapping right from the start.
  • Many practical exercises throughout to teach you how to unlock the extraordinary Power of the Positives in YOUR life - right now!
  • Concise, elegant and to the point - get started with Modern Energy Tapping right away.
  • Unlock your true +10 potential to transform YOUR experience of life!
  • Bring many, MANY more Star Experiences into your daily life right now!
  • Replace endless poverty with the infinite abundance of the Oceans of Energy!
  • Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving - unlock the true Power of the Positives with...
Modern Energy Tapping
Created by Silvia Hartmann
Give yourself the gift of the Power of the Positives.
Modern Energy Tapping
Created by Silvia Hartmann
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Every purchase of Modern Energy Tapping includes two months subscription to the GoE including:
Access to the Online Support Group Access to the GoE Library including 16 videos, 5 books, 3 special reports, 38 conference presentations, hundreds of articles, energy music, guided meditations and much more Read the GoE subscriber magazine The Energist online
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