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How do you see yourself? Shifting limiting beliefs for improved self-esteem

Recently, I was on a video conference call with a few associates from all over the world. You know the kind, where you can see all of the participants, including yourself, in front of their computers?

As the call progressed, I was distracted by the fact that when I viewed my own image it was fuzzy and hard to see.

I looked around at all the other participants and their images were perfectly clear. I thought maybe it was just me, so I took a moment to clarify by asking the group if my image looked fuzzy to anyone else. One by one they agreed: I was fuzzy. One of the participants suggested I wipe the lens of the webcam. Good thinking! I grabbed a tissue, wiped the camera and suddenly my image became crystal clear. It was that simple and the call went on. This scenario got me thinking about the self-image I carried for much of my life. Past events and emotional trauma I suffered as a young person created the distorted beliefs that I had about myself as an adult. These beliefs were usually not based in reality, giving me a “foggy lens” and making it nearly impossible for me to view myself and relationships with clarity. Harmful beliefs such as “I’m not good enough” “I’ll never get it right” and “I don’t deserve good things” can interfere with our relationships and make it difficult to show up as our best selves. There is a saying that we teach people how to treat us. Because of our own distorted perceptions of ourselves, we allow the undesirable behavior and disrespect of another to cause us pain. Unfortunately, changing our limiting beliefs it is not always that simple. The majority of our deep, unconscious beliefs are hidden away. Unaware, we find ourselves repeating restricting thought patterns that inform distorted perceptions of ourselves. The good news is Modern Stress Management Techniques have shown time and again to successfully uncover, release, and replace harmful and limiting beliefs. With the application of MSM techniques we are able to elegantly “peel the onion” and get to the core of the matter. I have personally experienced this transformation and I consistently witness it in my practice with clients. When we do personal inner work, we have the opportunity to see our distorted beliefs with new eyes. With this clarity, we are given a chance to create new beliefs based in reality, strengthening self- esteem and improving relationships. When I cleaned the lens on my webcam, I was able to see myself and be seen by others in a clear, authentic way. In a similar way, when I clean up my limiting beliefs I am able to see my true self - a

person of value, great potential and quite capable. I am able to see that I am enough.

If limiting beliefs are keeping you from seeing your most extraordinary self, call or email me for a consultation. I’d be honored to help you see the beauty that you are.


Much love,


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