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Hurtful Words: How to Recognize Triggers and Remove Stress

Our social and political environment has become a breeding ground for defensive, hurtful speech. Arguments with friends on Facebook or with family at the dinner table cause us stress. Deep feelings of fear, pain, anger and powerlessness produce stress which harms our bodies, minds and relationships.

Many of us are embroiled in these negative feelings, unaware of how deeply they impact our daily life. While some may see a situation as hopeless, I see it as a great opportunity. We are being gifted with a spiritual test to recognize our triggers and then respond with intention from a state of confidence and peace. This will not only enable us to transcend our personal pain and hurt, but we will also be able to transform our collective response to social challenges.

A stress response is impulsive and reactive, and does not come from our best self. When these moments happen it is a chance to check in, apply stress management techniques and release excessive energy body stress. When we are stressed the flow of energy is blocked and we experience lower energy states such as anger, fear, hurt or anxiety. But when we are present to how we are reacting, we can take action by tuning into our emotional state, de-stressing our bodies and increasing the flow of energy through our system. When our energy is flowing freely, we are able to think creatively and solve problems. We are no longer reactive and can respond from a state of informed action.

Hurt brings hurt. But once we realize the true challenge, we can heal together from a place of peace and justice. Our newfound outlook can create change on a larger scale, but it all begins with individual work.

Listening to the wisdom of your body gets to the root of the problem. You can learn to release negative beliefs and behaviors that do not serve you or anyone else and access your healing abilities so you are more empowered to take action from your highest self. Freedom and well-being become the guideposts of your life rather than remaining in the confines of stress, anger or fear.

Modern Stress Management is a good place to start if you’re suffering from stress, reactive behavior or the negativity in your news-feed.

Contact me for a free consultation to learn how Modern Stress Management can positively impact your life.

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