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Is Fear Sabotaging Your Success?

One morning not too long ago, I was driving to my office and feeling deep gratitude for my growing business and the amazing clients I get to work with. Then in my mind’s eye I caught a glimpse of my glorious, successful future. It felt wonderful! However, in the next moment I felt a wave of fear. As I noticed the fear in my body, I noted the limiting beliefs driving this fear. Thoughts such as “Who do you think you are?” and “Will my success threaten my relationship(s)?” surfaced. Just as I caught myself slipping down a narrow slope of defeat I was able to stop and get present to the feelings that were bubbling up. I allowed the feelings and thoughts to flow and release, and discovered a newfound courage and insight. These beliefs are not my truth today, and I needn’t be controlled by them. I remembered I can support myself in creating beliefs that empower me and align with my vision of happiness, freedom and success.

Is fear holding you back from creating the successful life you dream about? We all experience fear in varying degrees, particularly when we are making changes in our lives. Fear creeps in and can sabotage our best intentions. When fear arrives, take a moment and check in with yourself. Dive a little deeper and notice the limiting beliefs that are driving the emotion and creating insecurity and trepidation. What are you telling yourself? Is your inner dialogue aligned with who you are today and what you want to create? Maybe those beliefs were relevant and necessary before, but if they’re holding you back from realizing your dreams, there’s no reason for them. Limiting beliefs result in fear, which hinders happiness and success.

Fear is different for everyone. Some people fear being seen, while some worry about the opinions of others. Whatever your fear, with a little mindfulness and exploration you can start to move through those feelings into a positive state. Take note the fear exists. Acknowledge fear as a message from the emotional body. Allow the fear to flow and dissipate. Tune into the feeling, but don’t analyze it. This allows you to dissolve the energy of fear so it doesn’t cloud your vision. Now replace the fear with an emotion that will support you. Take another moment and think about what you need to help you move forward towards your vision. Is it more faith or trust? Or do you need support?

You have the power to support yourself through times of fear. Imagine what you want your life to be. Envision yourself at your best. Notice how picturing that feels in your body. Is there negative self-talk or memories? That information provides insight into why certain fears surface. If left unattended, these fears can sabotage your success and deny you feelings of fulfillment.

Explore your fear-based emotions and limiting beliefs. If you feel stuck, contact a professional to help you move through your stumbling blocks. You deserve a life of satisfaction, freedom and success! As you live your joy you uplift and bring happiness to all who cross your path.

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