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Resolutions That Will Boost Your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

The New Year is the perfect time to resolve to enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence. Raising esteem and confidence is a process that evolves over time by taking consistent actions.

Apply these simple daily self-care rituals and I promise you that your feelings about yourself and your life will improve this year.

Give yourself time to nourish your body, mind, and spirit! You not only have permission to take care of yourself, it is your responsibility to do so. Good self-care is vital.

Take time to figure out what you truly need. Slow down and plan quiet time for reflection and tune into yourself and ask “What does my body need?”, “What does my mind need?”, “What does my spirit need?”

Examples of common needs: Healthy, nourishing foods, water, exercise, sunshine, nature, rest, play, connection, reflection, contemplation, music, art, a good book or movie to stimulate your mind, interesting conversation……

  • Be mindful and present to your life, whether you are eating a meal or driving the kids to school.

When we rush through life we miss the experience. We look forward to a yummy meal and don’t take the time to really taste it. We have tea with a friend, all the while thinking about our to-do list, thus missing connection and camaraderie. We miss out on the simple pleasures of life and crave more. When we are mindful and present to the experiences in our life we are nourished by them.

Take the time to enjoy pleasurable moments and experiences. We crave pleasure and yet we deny ourselves the very thing we crave. So we feel guilty when we contemplate or experience a bit of pleasure and don’t allow it in.

  • Avoid overindulgence.

Put your emphasis on incorporating nourishing, balanced meals. Don’t go too long between meals. Monitor your intake of caffeine, nicotine and sugar. Make time to exercise regularly to help maintain your energy level particularly when you have a busy schedule. Don't try to do too much. Get plenty of sleep. Fatigue is a stressor. Maintain some kind of schedule and plan ahead. If you are struggling with overindulgence and addictive behaviors it is likely that you are craving something deeper. A closer look at your life: asking yourself the question, what am I really hungry for beyond food or substances?

  • Create and/or enhance your support system.

The New Year is a good time to reach out to your supportive friends and relatives. Sharing your struggles with a trusted friend and enlisting their help can be a great support when temptation to abandon your self-care practice arises.

  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and appreciation. Begin a daily gratitude journal.

Studies suggest that grateful people may be more likely to:

Take better care of themselves physically and mentally

Engage in more health behaviors and maintenance

Get more regular exercise

Eat a healthier diet

Have improved mental alertness

Schedule regular physical examinations with their doctor

Cope better with stress and daily challenges

Feel happier and more optimistic

Avoid problematic physical symptoms

Have stronger immune systems

Maintain a brighter view of the future

  • Get the help you need. If you are struggling with chronic stress, addictive behaviors, prolonged sadness, unpleasant memories, challenging relations it may be time to reach out and get professional help.

You don’t have to do it alone. As they say the same thinking that got you into a mess will not get you out. Outside help and a new perspective will often support you in making the changes that you are longing to make.

  • The New Year may also be a time to evaluate your spirituality and find a personal way to draw support in your life.

Take time to read or listen to inspirational and uplifting messages daily. This can be a little as a page. After you read spend a few moments reflecting on how this can be applied to your life. You may want to jot down some thoughts in your journal.

  • It is also important to have fun, give yourself permission to laugh more often and enjoy life. Watch a funny movie.

Let yourself be silly. Start seeing the humor in those things that annoy you.

When we take the time to take care for our physical, emotional and spiritual self it naturally increases our self-esteem and self-confidence. We develop a practice of supporting ourselves and treating self with love and respect. This helps us to feel good about ourselves and feel confident in our ability to meet our own needs. So, I invite you this New Year to commit to taking better care of yourself. You and your life will flourish!

If you are having a hard time taking care of yourself please know that you don’t have to do it alone! I’d be happy to help you learn how to treat yourself with more love and respect. Modern Stress Solutions techniques have enabled me and my clients to go beyond the limiting beliefs and self-sabotage behaviors that keep us from living a happy, satisfying and successful life. Learn more by Contacting Me for a Free Consultation

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