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The Amazing Power of the Positives!

In my experience as an EFT Tapping Professional & Trainer, nothing works faster than applying Modern Energy Tapping (MET) to go from problems to solutions in a wide array of challenges.

Since I have been using MET in my private practice with clients I am able to support them in getting to the core of the problem and apply the solution in the most advanced and accelerated way.

Recently my client, Cyndi came in for a session with me. After getting settled, I asked her how her previous week went. She expressed that she was doing very well, able to stay in the positive realm more consistently.

However, one morning over the weekend she awoke feeling very angry. She tried tapping, got a little relief, but wasn't able to fully release the anger. She wasn’t sure what triggered it and was curious to find the answer.

I took note and then decided that we would address this anger after we raised her energy.

I then asked Cyndi if anything else was going on. She told me that she had seen an ad for a job that intrigued her and went ahead and applied for it. As she spoke about the potential job her eyes lit up and it was apparent that her energy was on the rise. I continued to ask her what she liked about this position. How she felt when she thought about the possibility of having this amazing new job.

We began tapping on all of the positive feelings and experiences that the job offered. When she thought about the position she felt excited, free and adventurous. The position included travel and the thought of exploring new places excited her. In addition, it was a great opportunity to travel without all the stress and responsibility of making arrangements and having everything taken care of for her. As we tapped, I invited her to see herself in the position and tune in to the uplifting feelings this experience brought her. We continued to evolve the positive feelings and her energy rose up to +8, +9 on the SUE scale. We celebrated!

Once her energy was raised and we had thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I then suggested we take a look at the anger she felt over the past weekend.

We began with some EMO and I asked her where she felt it in her body. As soon as she directed her attention to the sensation, she knew exactly what had triggered the feeling. We softened and flowed the energy in her body, very quickly we were able to go directly to her aspect that needed aid and healing and send her the positive energy that was necessary and wanted to release the anger and increase the flow of energy.

We solved this problem and raised her energy, all within an hour. She left my office feeling high on the SUE scale; happy, empowered and free!

This is a great example of how when we apply the positives and raise our energy, we are able to see ourselves and life situations from a broader and more enlightened perspective.

When we are on the negative side of the SUE scale, trying to figure things out, we create even more stress and often times go further down the scale.

Of course we want to address the problem; however initially it doesn’t serve us to bring too much attention to the negative.

Often simply raising energy will solve the problem.

However, if the energy body is in need of more assistance we have the clarity and ability to get to the core and apply the remedy. Once we raise our energy, our enlightened self knows exactly what the problem is and what kind of energy will solve it.

Other words, the same thinking that got us onto the negative side of the SUE scale will not get us out.

We want the clarity and insight of our True Self who is only found on the positive side of the SUE scale. Working with Modern Energy Tapping is an elegant and accelerated way to get to the bottom of the problem and apply the healing remedy, positive energy, aspects of love. And love is the great elixir!

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