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The SUE Scale: A Great Tool For Life

I just got off of the telephone with my sister, Anne! She told me that yesterday she and her almost 8 year old adopted son, Dustin had a fun filled day at the park. Dustin made a new friend and it was love at first sight. The kids enjoyed their time together playing and as the day went on Anne eventually met Dustin’s friend’s dad. The parents exchanged contact information and agreed to meet at the park from time to time and allow the children to play together.

As Dustin and Anne were leaving the park, he exclaimed “this was a +10 day!” He asked his mom how her day was. She said it was about +7. Even though she enjoyed watching Dustin and his new friend playing and meeting his friend's dad, she had come to the park that morning feeling a bit down. Although the day’s activities had raised her energy, she was not quite feeling as happy as he was. Dustin planted a kiss on her cheek and asked her how she felt. She said +8. He kissed her again. She said +9. One more kiss and she was laughing +10. Smart kid, huh?

Let me back up here and give you some details about Dustin and how he has come to rely on the SUE scale to measure and raise his energy.

Dustin originally came to Anne’s home as a foster child when he was 3 years old. Due to extreme neglect and other trauma in is first few years of life he was nonverbal, unable to connect with others and extremely developmentally delayed. Although Anne was not in favor of labeling Dustin’s symptoms it was helpful for her in getting social services for his many needs. He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and eventually identified as having Asperger’s, a condition on the autism spectrum, with generally higher functioning. It was clear by his demonstrated behaviors and physical challenges such as digestive problems and skin rash, that his energy body was much stressed. As he got adjusted to his new home and the love and care given to him by Anne and her teenage son, Joe his symptoms subsided, he began to bond, feel safe and become verbal and more cooperative. Regular supervised meetings with his biological mother just confirmed the love and connection he had with Anne, Joe and the home they had provided for him. He made it clear that Anne was his “mom”. Today Dustin can be described a smart, quick witted and quirky kid who enjoys being in charge of his environment and life circumstances.

Four years after Dustin came to Anne via foster care he went up for adoption. Although Anne felt overwhelmed and concerned about taking this responsibility on and become his legal parent, she recognized that there was no turning back. In the wise words of her son, Joe “Mom, this is not our decision to make. It's clear that we are being called to do this.” So Anne then became Dustin’s legal mom. A huge milestone for all involved.

My having lived across the country the past 8 years with an occasional visit here and there, I hadn’t the opportunity to really get to know Dustin. Last week I had the chance to visit. I stayed at Anne’s house and Dustin who will be 8 years old this fall willingly gave up his bedroom to me for the time I was there. I had a delightful time hanging out with Anne and getting reacquainted with my two nephews, Joe and Dustin.

One of the many highlights of my trip was my opportunity to facilitate a Modern Energy Tapping presentation at Anne’s house. We put out an invitation and a few friends of Anne, Joe, and I joined in, a total of 12 interested people including Dustin.

It was a magical evening! We talked about energy and I introduced the SUE (Subjective Units of Experience) scale. I taught the participants about energy body stress, energy flow (and lack of flow) and how to apply Modern Energy Tapping to increase the flow of energy, de stress the body, feel relief and much better. Joe’s friend Don expressed that he will be using this before he goes on stage to perform his music. Another participant shared that the chronic anxiety in her chest that had been with her for a few years was relieved. It had softened and flowed and was no longer stuck in her body. As we formed an energy bubble, all of the participants felt a positive shift and their energy moved up the scale.

As all this was going on Dustin had much to say. He loved the SUE scale and he went on about what we can all do to raise our energy in order to feel great. I believe having this information and the SUE scale comforted him and allowed him to feel empowered as it increased his ability to feel in charge of his emotions and life’s circumstances. After everyone left for the evening, Dustin continued to talk about the scale. Pulling out his stuffed animals and telling them how they can increase their energy flow and feel amazing. The next morning and throughout the following day Dustin continued to talk about and apply the scale. He was genuinely intrigued.

I left for the west coast the following day. It has been two weeks since my visit. Anne notified me that Dustin now takes the SUE scale to school each day. When he comes home he describes the events of the day and how he was able to increase his energy flow and feel better using the scale.

Dustin has a great tool for life. Not only can he be in charge of raising his own energy but as you have read at the beginning of this article he knows how to raise other people’s energy as well!!

Thank you, Silvia Hartmann! This simple and profound tool changes lives!

If you want to learn more about the SUE Scale Go Here

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