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Tapping Your Way to Success!

Research & Studies:

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

aka Tapping to reduce anxiety and improve communication

skills in social work students

Many of us know first-hand how anxiety and fear can undermine our best intentions when we are in the spotlight: test taking, performance, public speaking, etc.

The following study addresses how the application of EFT has shown success in reducing anxiety and improving communication skills in social work students.

2017: From Journal of Social Work Education Authors: Elizabeth Boath, Rachel Good, Anna Tsaroucha, Tony Stewart, Sheila Pitch & Adam J. Boughey


Quantitative findings indicated participants reported significantly less subjective distress and anxiety after using EFT. Qualitative findings indicated three themes whereby participants found EFT calming, relaxing and helpful; considered the transferability of EFT in other settings; and

proposed some of the mechanisms of EFT's action.

Read the Study Here

Learn About EFT Here

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