Tapping Reduces Food Cravings

👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ Scientific evidence that tapping helps reduce food cravings leading to weight loss.

For years I struggled with food, weight and body image issues!

Tapping is is one of the amazing techniques I have used to be free of emotional eating and uncontrollable food cravings. It has empowered me and many of my clients to make choices that reflect self-love and self-respect not only in relationship to food, weight, and body image but in all areas of their lives 🎉

#tappingforfoodcravings #scienceoftapping

"Maria offers a safe environment to work through deep issues. I always knew that it wasn't just about what and when I eat and how much I exercised. There were deeper reasons why I held onto weight and why I put it on in the first place.......I had some major breakthroughs and we did deep work together..... I feel a freedom that is priceless." ~ Amber Rae 💖

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