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Jump In and Trust

Where are you holding back in your life? Are you letting your fears keep you from living your Passion and Potential? What would happen if you made a decision to jump in and Trust in the Goodness of the Universe? I have learned that giving power to fear and staying small not only keeps one from True Joy and Happiness, it also triggers deep discontent, depression and unhappiness.

Most recently I saw myself making a decision based on fear, scarcity and beliefs that went something like this: “It’s too much” and I’m not enough”. Not fully realizing that these beliefs were driving my decision, I began to pull back in an area of my life that although felt right and aligned with my Purpose, my head was telling me it was too much to handle and that I needed to prioritize and simplify.

Having expressed my decision to bow out to all involved, I began to make arrangements to leave. At first it felt right and I felt relief. However, as I reconciled with the change I began to experience deep sadness and uncertainty. I realized I was abandoning a part of me that needed to be expressed. I had the awareness that I would be giving up something that was close to my Heart and that would leave a big void in my soul.

Then in a moment of deep insight I was struck with the realization that it was fear and scarcity that was keeping me from jumping in and fully abandoning myself in this area of my life that feels Alive and Connected to my True Self. I saw that I was being called to Dive Deeper, release fear and Trust that as I aligned with my True Happiness and Fulfillment the Divine would take care of all the details. Since the moment I made the decision to jump in I have felt Inspired, Supported and Confirmed. And things are indeed flowing.

Just as a stream backs up when it's obstructed, when we stop the flow of our True Alignment because of fear and limiting beliefs we inhibit the realization of our personal Freedom and Potential. Where in your life are you being called to jump in and Trust?

If you are feeling stuck and need some support to jump in to your life in a bigger way contact me for a free consultation and let's explore the possibilities!

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