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EFT Can End the Fear of Flying!

EFT in the news again! How THIS technique can end a fear of flying - with the Duchess of Cornwall a fan... "FEAR OF flying can ruin a trip when it comes to flying long-haul, yet a new technique that even the Duchess of Cornwall employs could end it once and for all."

Read the article Here: Fear of Flying, Duchess of Cornwall

Although there are many aspects that often need to be addressed and cleared when applying EFT to overcome the fear of flying, there are in deed many people who have used this technique to overcome their fear of flying.

In this video Whoopi Goldberg tells The View how she enrolled in Sir Richard Branson's "Flying Without Fear" program to conquer her fear of flying. This program utilities Thought Field Therapy, and is is based on the teachings of Dr. Roger Callahan. Tapping therapies such as EFT and TFT provide relief from anxiety and stress which was once caused by flying.

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