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Emotional Freedom Techniques & Breathing Awareness to Reduce Childbirth Fear

Emotional freedom techniques and breathing awareness to reduce childbirth fear: A randomized controlled study.

This research was presented and received the fourth prize in oral presentation at I. International and II. National Women's Health Nursing Congress in Istanbul, Turkey.


* Breathing awareness has a rapid effect on reducing the fear of birth; emotional freedom techniques have a lasting effect. Thus, the adaptation of the pregnant women to the contractions is ensured, so she can cope with the uterine contraction pain.

* Emotional freedom techniques and breathing awareness are the easiest techniques to apply and are, thus, preferred during labour to reduce the fear of birth.

The study aimed to determine the effectiveness of EFT and BA in the reduction of childbirth fear.

The randomized controlled study included 120 pregnant women, of whom the EFT, BA and control groups. The women in the EFT and BA groups were offered their intervention in the latent, active and transition phases of labour.


Both EFT and BA were observed to be beneficial in clinical practice; the EFT was found to be more effective and permanent.

Read the Study Here

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