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Why I ❤ Modern Energy Tapping Professional

I am so excited to offer this amazing course again this Winter!

Watch my video below explaining why I love Modern Energy Tapping Professional!

The GoE Modern Energy Tapping Professional is an elegant and profound training!

The follow is an excerpt from an article written by Silvia Hartmann, the creator of the course:

“Modern Energy Tapping Professional (MET Pro) is the next level up and a true evolution beyond Energy EFT Master Practitioner. We’ve put all our experience, heart & soul into designing MET Pro from the ground up to be your go to Modern Energy tapping technique.”

This course is great for those wanting to use MET in their counseling, coaching, and healing practices; those who want to know how to go about helping their loved ones, and individuals who simply want to know more about how to use MET effectively. Upon successful completion of the course, individuals will be certified through The Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies / Guild of Energists.

To learn more about my Up Coming Course this Winter Click on this Link.

Watch this video and learn about my experience taking this course a couple of years ago.

Why I Love Modern Energy Tapping Professional ~ Maria LiPuma!

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